Course Directors

E. William Johnson MD MPH

E. William Johnson, MD MPH

Private Practice
Exeter, NH

“After preparing for and taking my own oral boards, I recognized there was a void in up to date board preparation. We created this course that focuses on personal and collegial coaching to maximize your chances of passing the most important exam of your life.”

Dennis H. Kim MD

Dennis H. Kim, MD

Private Practice
Beverly Hills, CA
Incontinence and Voiding Dysfunction, Male and Female Urologic Reconstruction
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

“Experience a realistic mock oral board exam in an efficient effective manner.  Let us personally guide you through the process so that you know what to expect and are most prepared.”


Course Examiners


Lisa Bailey, MD

Private Practice
Fair Hope, AL

“This course was an integral part of my board preparation because it provides an opportunity to make mistakes, receive feedback, and most importantly, formulate a strategy based on experience in a practice setting. It’s essential for success.”

Aaron Brothers, MD

Staff Urologist, MAJ MC
Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center
Fort Gordon, GA

“Walking into the oral boards after taking this board review course was like walking into the OR for a complex case after you’ve spent weeks preparing. You confidently know that you’re ready to perform at your best to get the job done! Without a doubt, this course was the most important part of my board prep!”

Daniel J.Canter, MD

Associate Professor
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Vice Chairman, Urologic Institute of Southeastern Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

“In preparing for the oral boards, style matters almost as much as substance.  For all the numerous hours I spent studying for the test, the oral board prep course was probably the most efficient and useful.  The actual “dress rehearsal” that this course provided was invaluable during the real thing.  This course really took away a lot of the anxiety that accompanies the uncertainty of not knowing the process.”

Nina Casanova, MD

Pediatric Urology
Private Practice
Denver, CO

“There is a vast difference between recalling knowledge on a multiple choice test and actively being tested in a Socratic fashion. As such, book learning alone wasn’t enough to prepare for the method. I found this oral board prep course invaluable in shifting my mindset to this style of testing and decreasing anxiety related to the unknown.”

Scott Cuda, MD

Pediatric Urology
Assistant Professor
Tacoma, WA

“After passing step one of the ABU boards, young urologists already have demonstrated adequate core knowledge. The ability to use acquired knowledge and experiences to care for simulated patients in a testing environment can be stressful. The best way to prepare for this challenge is to replicate the testing environment as closely as possible. Of all the things that I did to prepare for my oral boards, having my colleagues test me in this manner prior to the exam was the most valuable.”

Travis Dum, MD

Private Practice
St. Louis, MO

“This course is a must for anyone looking to feel prepared for the oral boards. There’s no substitute for a mock exam in the exact same rooms as the oral boards and the topics covered are a good representation of what to expect. Ease your anxiety and sign-up.”

Patricio Gargollo, MD

Pediatric Urology
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN

“No amount of studying from a text book can prepare you for the mental component of an oral board exam. The main shortfall of most review courses is that they fail to truly replicate the experience and the process of oral bards. Urology Oral Board Prep almost exactly mimics the experience of the actual oral boards and will help you identify and attack your weaknesses prior to the actual exam. The faculty represents every major area of urology and all of us have as a primary goal to get you through to the actual exam prepared and confident. If Urology Oral Board Prep had been available prior to my taking the exam, there is no doubt that it would have been my first choice as a review course.”

Jason Greenfield, MD

Men’s Health Center
Arlington, TX

“In preparing for the oral board exam, nothing can replace practicing the ‘exam environment’. The experience of sitting with an examiner, working through cases, and receiving feedback is essential for succeeding during the real thing.”

Lauren Hendrix, MD

Private Practice
Little Rock, AR

“We as physicians have taken countless written tests, but an oral examination is an entirely different structure that requires a different form of preparation. This course exposes you to those unique stressors and allows you to focus on your knowledge rather than the testing environment.”

Josephine Hidalgo-Tamola, MD

Group Health
Seattle, WA

“This course was a valuable part in preparing for the oral boards. The course gave me an opportunity to develop my own approach to taking the test. I learned the strengths and weaknesses in my urology knowledge and focused the next 6 weeks of studying to strengthen the weak points.”

Jim Hotaling, MD MS

University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

“When I was preparing for the boards I chose Urology Oral Board Prep. It was exactly what I needed at the right time. I felt confident heading into the actual exam in a large part because of Bill and Dennis’ course.”

Wayland Hsiao, MD

Infertility and Andrology
Associate Physician
Kaiser Permanente
Oakland, CA

“I want to be able to give examinees a flavor of what an oral board exam would be.  The “little details”, the logistics, the schedule, the stress are often harder than the content and is often the test itself.  I know people have spent 5-6 years training in urology and working in urology for some time, but knowing the right “medical answer” is just the first step on an exam.”

Emile K. Johnson, MD MPH

Pediatric Urology
Assistant Professor
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Chicago, IL

“I valued the simulation of the real examination, the coaching after, and the networking opportunities provided by the course. The practice sessions allowed me to focus my studying leading up to the exam. During my time at the course, I also connected with multiple colleagues who studied together, supported each other, and all passed the oral boards!”

Matthew Katz, MD

Urologic Oncology
Private Practice
Brunswick, GA

“As a practicing academic urologic oncologist, and someone who recently sat for my oral boards, I can say that this course came as close as possible to replicating the experience of taking the actual boards.  The same travel experience, the same hotel, the same hotel exam rooms, and the same exam format.  I think that one of the biggest keys to successfully passing the oral boards is managing the exam day(s) stress, and that is what this course replicates more than any other that I am aware of.”

Jonathan Kaye, MD

Pediatric Urology
Urology Associates of North Texas
Cook Children’s Medical Center
Fort Worth, TX

“I was amazed at the lengths to which the course directors went to replicate the actual oral boards experience.  The entire course is impeccably organized, and it is quite evident that all course staff do everything possible to help every examinee pass their oral boards.”

Emil Kheterpal, MD

Urologic Oncology
Middletown, NY

“Having recently passed the oral boards, I found the mock exams to be an invaluable part of preparing for the boards. In addition to reviewing the updated guidelines and treatment algorithms, I believe sitting through the mock exams helped in maintaining a sense of calm, patience, and confidence.”

Leonard Liang, MD

Private Practice
Assistant Professor
Los Angeles, CA

“I am hoping to help make this course a valuable learning experience for the examinees. Kudos to Dennis and Bill for putting this together.”

Gregory Lieser, MD

Private Practice
Dallas, TX

“The opportunity to experience the format and flow in a low pressure environment was invaluable to me in preparing for my own oral examinations.”

Matthew Lux, MD

Private Practice
Kaiser Permanente
San Diego, CA

“I took both this course and the oral board review course from Pittsburg.  This one was a clear winner, efficiently and most directly replicating the actual board process in the very same rooms and location where the real deal is done.  It was fast and efficient without wasted time or money or programs about “managing stress”.  In effect, it is a exact copy dry run of how the boards are with the added benefit of feedback on your performance to improve your odds of passage.”

Tony Mammen, MD

Private Practice
Dallas, TX

“As we finish residency, complete part 1 of our American Board of Urology certification, and venture into practice, successful completion of the oral boards is the final and most crucial part of our training process. It signifies to the community, our patients, and our colleagues that we have successfully fulfilled all requirements to allow us to treat our patients with confidence. I and anyone who is certified by the ABU know that this is the single best method for preparation for this challenging exam. I feel honored to assist in the process.”

Joe Mobley III, MD MPH

Voiding Dysfunction and Pelvic Floor Reconstruction
Private Practice
Kentucky Lake Urology Clinic
Paris, TN

“As a recent participant in the course, I can speak to the professionalism and authenticity of the experience. There is no other course that can replicate the overall feeling of the oral boards in quite the same manner. There is a sincere desire among the staff for every participant to pass. Furthermore, for professionals with families, the ability to focus such a strong preparatory experience into a single night away from work/home is a win-win… time and money well spent.”

Achal Modi, MD

Private Practice
Dallas, TX

“Having recently passed the boards in 2013, I can appreciate the value of replicating the testing environment.  My preparation for the oral boards involved doing many hours of cases with one of my colleagues over the phone.  This combined with self study allowed me to know the material very well. However, the most important thing it did not help me with is my nerves.  I think most everyone knows the information, and the reason why people fail is they get so nervous they make basic mistakes they would not have made in their day to day practice.  Taking the mock exam in the same location, with the same format, is invaluable in overcoming the biggest hurdle in passing the boards.”

Israel Nosnik, MD

Cook Children’s
Dallas, TX

“As urologists, we are intimately familiar with the process of standardized testing, starting with SAT, MCAT, USMLE and so on.  The oral boards can be a curve ball to even the most seasoned multiple choice master.  To me, the Oral Board review course took the mystery out of the unfamiliar format allowing me to focus on the clinical knowledge needed to pass the exam.”

Geoffrey Nuss, MD

Private Practice
Arlington, TX

“Preparation for the oral boards can provoke much anxiety because most of us have never taken an exam quite like the ABU certifying exam. I gained invaluable experience in the board examination process and procedure through this course.”

Daniel Ramirez, MD

Private Practice
Nashville, TN

“Taking the Urology Oral Board Prep course was invaluable! Recreating the setting for the real thing was great for mental preparation. While studying guidelines and reading material for the test is of great importance, this course allowed me to prepare myself mentally and physically. The immediate feedback and ability to review my performance helped me adjust my presentation and make my answers more efficient and succinct. I would recommend choosing this course to everyone taking the urology oral boards.”

Mary Samplaski, MD

Assistant Professor
Male Reproductive Medicine, Microsurgery and Andrology
Keck Medicine of USC
Los Angeles, CA

“You don’t want to sit down at (arguably) the most important test of your career, and have there be anything unexpected. You want conditions to be ideal so you can relay the knowledge that you have worked so hard to attain. The Urology Oral Board Prep course prepares you for just that. It will not be your first time at the hotel, or in the hotel room with just you and the examiner, or getting asked questions by a deadpan examiner (which can throw you off if you are not prepared). In addition to preparing you for the logistics of the test, the mock cases give you a sense of “how much” detail you need to know. While nobody but the ABU knows the exact questions, the cases presented at the Urology Oral Board Prep course can either calm your nerves or give you direction for your final few weeks of studying. I personally look forward to being a part of your future success in executing this test.”

Troy M. Sofinowski, MD

Private Practice
Murfreesboro Medical Clinic
Murfreesboro, TN

“This course was the coup-de-grace to my oral board preparation. It granted me the luxury of utilizing several exam-specific strategies that I would not have incorporated into my test taking approach otherwise. The faculty was able to provide a supportive and insightful environment while maintaining a test simulation very true to that of the actual exam. I felt prepared and comfortable while sitting for my oral board exam.”

Kelly Stratton, MD

Assistant Professor
Stephenson Cancer Center
University of Oklahoma
Oklahoma City, OK

“With limited time for preparation, Urology Oral Board Prep was a great opportunity to focus on improving test taking skills and avoiding common mistakes. The course provided an excellent replication of the exam without extraneous content. The stress and anxiety of that typically comes with an oral exam was much easier to manage after this program.”

Vairavan Subramanian, MD

Private Practice
Urology Clinics of North Texas
Plano, TX

“Passing the Oral Boards is as much about organization of your thought process and demeanor face-to-face with the examiner as it is about your knowledge of urology. From my experiences as a mock examiner, this course is the best way to really test if you are prepared for the real thing. It can be a confidence booster or a wake-up call. Either way the course will be a weekend well spent.”

Cole Wootton, MD

Private Practice
Elk City, OK

“Urology Oral Board Prep was invaluable to me passing the oral boards. From replicating the actual boards in format to recreating the exam room atmosphere, this course was paramount to my success. The intangibles this course prepares you for allow you to focus solely on your knowledge base and interpersonal skills while taking the actual boards.”

Chad Wotkowicz, MD

Private Practice
Lahey Clinic
Portsmouth, NH

“One on one teaching format is an invaluable tool for any urologist preparing to take oral board.  By providing this service at the test taking site the examinee has a significant advantage in the future.  There is no doubt that I would have enrolled in this course prior to my examination.  I have recommended this service to all of my fellow colleagues and junior residents preparing for the oral boards.  Those individuals that have taken the course in the past also found it to be extremely beneficial in helping them pass the exam.”


Jonathan Wright, MD MS

Urologic Oncology
Assistant Professor
University of Washington
Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
Seattle, WA

“This course is an outstanding way to recreate the experience of taking the oral boards ahead of time.  Doing the course at the site of the boards allows for a level of comfort that takes some of the uncertainty and anxiety out of the actual experience.”