Praise for the course:

“Dennis and Bill have fashioned a succinct, to-the-point preparatory course which really gets to the heart of the matter – practicing mock oral exams.  Furthermore, they are committed to helping you pass and will continue to do so even after the course has ended.  Highly recommended to all who are preparing for the oral boards.”

-John C.

“I just wanted to thank you guys for hosting such a great course. I feel like I was able to get much better feedback from your mock examiner as compared to the AUA course last year… Last year, I felt like I did my exams, got a pat on the back and a “good luck” on my way out. This year, I really feel like your staff took the time to really analyze my strengths and weaknesses – identify areas that I clearly need to work on, and provided great advice on how to best go about remedying my weaknesses so that I can do a better job at the time of the exam.”

-Eugene P.

“You’ve achieved a lot with this board prep course.  It is impressive to see.”

-John W.

“I found that the best study experience that I had for the oral boards was the one on one testing that I was able to do with my colleagues. The ability to replicate the environment of the actual day, down to the hotel room and airport, is what makes this course truly special.”

-M J.

“Dr. Johnson and his team realistically reproduced the experience of the certification exam. The course did not waste my time by reviewing test content. Rather, it focused on details of taking an oral exam, time management and generating succint answers. In addition, Dr. Johnson was available after the course for additional coaching. Overall, this was well worth my time and money. The course contributed to my success on the ABU certifying exam. “

-Jo H.

“This course was an excellent and efficient board preparation experience.  The location and format provides the perfect “dress rehearsal” eliminating much of the stress associated with the logistics of the exam.”

-Joe M.

“I passed! Thank you both so much. I don’t think I would have passed without your course and extra help.”

-Areiella F.

“I just wanted to send you an email and let you guys know that I passed by Oral Boards.
Thank you so much for your wonderful course. I definitely don’t think I would have passed the boards without attending your course. More than anything your course helped me get mentally prepared for the test and learn to manage my stress level before and throughout the two days. Again, thank you!”

-H. L.

“I passed!!

Wanted to say thanks to Dr. Johnson, and proctors for organizing and running an excellent prep course! The advice was very helpful, concise, constructive! Really appreciated the approach on how to think about, organize content to answer the questions quickly and thoroughly. Especially appreciated the follow-up contact with specific feedback, and adjust approaches. Keep up the great course!”

-S. B.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the Urology Board Prep Course was instrumental in helping me pass the oral boards after two previous failed attempts. Needless to say, the test had been terrifying for me in the past, but both Bill and Dennis took time out of their busy schedules to work with me even after the course ended to be sure I had the best chance of success on my third and final attempt. I don’t know what I would have done without their support!”

-A. R.

“Bill and Dennis run an excellent course are were willing and able to offer the extra help I needed to pass this exam!!”

-S. G.

“There is no doubt that the personalized attention I received from Drs. Johnson, Wotkowicz and company aided my efforts to pass Part 2 of the boards. The guidance I received helped me focus and fine-tune my studying so I was as confident and relaxed as possible on exam day.”

-Andrew N.

“This course is a must for any busy, practicing urologist preparing for the oral boards. The structure of the course allowed me to be out of the office for only one day. The focus of the course is not on reviewing knowledge, but on communicating that knowledge in a succinct and meaningful way, which is 90% of the battle with the oral boards. Lastly, the course is held in the exact same rooms where you will take the orals, which takes away a great deal of anxiety during the exam because you will already be familiar with the location.”

-Sam S.

“Course was perfect for highlighting techniques that helped me for the actual boards. Using those tips, I was able to focus on the key aspects of taking the exam which lead to a passing result.”

-Anup V.

“Urology Oral Board Prep was a great experience for me. It helped me feel comfortable and confident on the day of the exam. I drew a very unlucky schedule and was surrounded by nervous people for hours. The prep helped me stay calm and focused. Well worth the time and investment. Thank you.”

-Brian M.

“Bill: You are one of the main reasons why I passed the exam this year. The 3 hours you spent with me about 2 months ago via Skype was pivotal to my success. You put me at ease and gave me incredible confidence in a stressful situation. I will forever be thanking you. I can finally focus on practicing medicine. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

-Tony S.

“This course was invaluable in my board preparation. Studying alone would have made my oral boards a much more daunting task. As we all know, pressure-filled situations can cause us to make mistakes or forget things we wouldn’t under normal, stress-free circumstances. This course provided the right amount of simulated “pressure” combined with thoughtful instruction to allow me to feel comfortable during the real thing.”

-Kris G.

“Thanks for setting up multiple Skype sessions with me after my flight to the course got snowed in. These were very helpful and the cases were an accurate reflection of the real thing. Definitely worth the time and money.”

-Tom J.

“The course was crucial in transforming me from me from a hesitant and disorganized test taker to a machine! Felt very confident by the time the test came around much due to the personal attention I got from Bill and Dennis. Passed!”

-Ronnie F.

“The oral board review prep was money and time well spent. The course directors take a personal interest in making sure attendants pass and are well prepared. They personalize the experience, teach you how to be and stay organized. I took both review courses and would recommend this course over the AUA review course because the cases were more challenging, the feedback was helpful and the course directors are invested in your success.”


“I did not pass my first time around. I was shocked, then angered, then dismayed and anxious. But Bill and Dennis were there for me – immediately after I got the bad news and throughout preparation for the second time around. They provided sound advice, helpful feedback, and sustained support throughout the process. In addition, they provided very useful flashcards and connected me to other people to practice cases with. I passed the second time around, and what a relief!!! Thank you Bill and Dennis!!!”

-D. C.

“Got the letter saying I have passed Urololgy board. Thanks for the coaching! It definitely helped a lot!”

-L. Z.

“I think the course was tremendously helpful during my exam preparation. It really demystified some of the vagaries of the test day and the structure of the exam process itself. I would definitely recommend it to any of my friends currently preparing for the urology oral board.”

-W. H.

“The folks at Urology Oral Board Prep were genuinely invested in my success. They took the time to work through multiple protocols with me and consistently gave helpful, directed recommendations for how to approach the exam prep and how to answer questions with aplomb. Urology board prep was essential to my passing the boards.”

-K. S.

“This prep provided me with valuable personalized strategies and tips for the ABU oral exam. A fantastic springboard for success!

-Julia F.

“I could not have been more pleased with the services offered by Urology Oral Board Prep! I felt like Dr. Kim and Dr. Johnson took a genuine interest in me as an individual, and expertly tailored their services to make sure that I was well prepared for the actual exam. I was impressed by their ability and willingness to recognize and fine tune personal areas of weakness so that by the exam date I felt confident in my ability to work through any case. I truly believe that if you follow their advice, you will pass the exam.”

-Joel D.

“Simplified the oral boards studying into structured concise parts that make all of it much more digestible. Definitely helped me pass

-Justin H.

“The Urology Oral Board Prep is more than just another board prep course. Dr. Johnson and Dr. Kim offer personalized tips and, during my prep time, went above and beyond to help me improve on weak areas. It was truly an individualized experience with people who made it clear that my success really mattered to them. I couldn’t recommend them more.

-Sarah R.

“Excellent tutors, customizable based on my strengths and weaknesses and tailored to my needs. I felt supported throughout. The added bonus of working/testing when I was free in the evenings and weekends was far better than simply attending a pre-arranged course.

-Amar R.

“Absolutely essential to me passing the boards, I wouldn’t have been ready without Oral Board Prep. It gave me the case practice I needed but more importantly showed me how to prepare myself. “

-Richard M.

“This course offers a realistic oral board testing experience and helped work out the pre-test nerves. I highly recommend, particularly for those who don’t have a study group.”

-S. W.