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The Better Way to Prepare for Your Oral Boards

The American Board of Urology (ABU) 2022 Certifying (Part 2) oral exam is weeks away.  We want you to consider augmenting your preparation with us.

Urology Oral Board Prep was founded more than 10 years ago to offer a concierge-type alternative to the single existing course at the time. Since then, we have coached hundreds of your colleagues with success.

We have been in frequent touch with the ABU to ensure our approach is appropriate to the exam circumstances this year. After substantial reflection on the impact COVID-19 continues to have on our life, we made the decision to repeat our virtual format again this year.  We offer virtual mock exams similar in structure to what you will experience during the real boards that will be given by the ABU at the AIME Center in Raleigh, North Carolina.  This dry run session with us will be immediately followed by personalized coaching tailored specifically to your individual needs. Given our lack of physical constraints, we can schedule flexibly throughout the month of January, February and March 2022 to meet your study, family, and work needs. And of course, as Urology Oral Board Prep has always done, candidates identified as needing help will be offered extra sessions for free prior to the April 1st and 2nd certifying oral exam.

We encourage you to talk to your friends who may have taken our course in past years and review the testimonials on this site.

If you have specific questions, please feel free to email us at info@urologyoralboardprep.com.

6th Annual Urology Oral Board Prep Review Course

The Better Way to Prepare for Your Oral Boards

We offer the original personalized, concierge-style coaching experience designed to prepare you to take and pass your upcoming urology oral board exam.

Our course offers:

    • Mock oral exams at the same hotel and rooms in Dallas where the 2017 boards will be held.
    • More cases. No lectures. Your time is spent rehearsing the dialogue of an oral examination and getting feedback.
    • Only one-on-one cases with up to 60 minutes of feedback and coaching.
    • Minimize time away from family and work. This is an intensive 2-day course with only one overnight stay.
      • Fly in Friday, fly out Saturday. Cases are proctored on both days, just like the real board exam; they are not limited to one day.
      • Flexible, on-demand scheduling timed around your arrival or your departure.
    • Continued contact with examiners for support, questions, and coaching, even after the on-site course is over.
    • Continued assistance to those who need extra help in getting through the oral exam process. Each year we have provided Skype, FaceTime, and in-person extra sessions (at no charge) to those we considered at risk for failing. This has been considered critical to passing by many participants.
    • Insight on what to focus on and not waste your time on.
    • Helpful tips to keep your thoughts organized and avoid getting flustered.
    • Opportunity to gain experience, self awareness, and confidence in taking an oral exam.
    • Audio recordings of your mock exams to replay and deconstruct at home.
    • Availability of a bank of case vignettes to study on your own after the course is complete.

All of this in an efficient, proven format!

We take your board preparation seriously and are committed to helping you pass your oral examination as painlessly as possible. We believe we offer an unparalleled experience both with the on-site mock oral examinations and with our continued availability and support after the course has finished. We are a group of practicing urologists who become your personalized oral board exam coaches.

You have passed Part 1 and we have confidence that you can pass Part 2. We stand by our preparatory methods. That is why we can make you a Guarantee*. If you happen to fail your boards after taking our course, we will pay your tuition to take our course again for free the following year. We are that invested in you! Other review courses have now followed our lead, but we originated that commitment.

We realize that you have choices in your oral board exam preparation.

Want to talk to someone who took our course last year? Email Dennis and Bill at info@UrologyOralBoardPrep.com and we will connect you.

Want to talk to someone who took the AUA course previously? Email Dennis and Bill at info@UrologyOralBoardPrep.com and we will connect you.

*Guarantee limited to only first time MD attendees of the course.

If you have specific questions, please feel free to email us at info@UrologyOralBoardPrep.com .