Why should I choose your course over the others?

Of course we encourage you to come prepare with us!  We originated the idea of having a course at this Dallas location, at the actual hotel, in the actual rooms of the upcoming board exam.  We have the experience of running a succinct, effective course that replicates the actual oral board experience.  Most importantly, we are not just a board review course.  By preparing with us, you are gaining a coach who will partner with you and help guide you through the experience even after the course is over.  Every year we offer and administer additional practice cases with follow-up conversations to many individuals needing extra help. We set the bar for the concierge experience in board preparation. At this point in your career, it is vital to invest the time in your preparation and choose partners who have demonstrated that they will do the same.


What do you mean by a “personalized concierge-style” coaching experience?

We are committed to helping you through this stressful process and ultimately getting you to pass the oral board exam.  We take your preparation very seriously.  Even though the course is an intensive 2 days on-site, once the course is over, you will still have access to us for questions and help.  For people who need the extra help, we are available to continue to work with you.  We have demonstrated this commitment year after year, Skyping and FaceTiming with scores of candidates. Think of us as your personalized coaches who will guide you through the process and prepare you to sit and pass your oral board; we are not just as another board review course.


What do you mean by your guarantee?

We stand behind our course experience.  Should you take our course and fail the boards, we will allow you to take our course again for free the following year.  This offer is limited only to first time attendees of our course.


I already failed the boards but have not taken your course before.  Am I still eligible for the guarantee after I take your course?

Yes you are.  In fact we have helped many people like you who have failed in prior years and have helped them to pass.


I am worried I may have trouble scheduling flights to attend your course?

No problem.  We can schedule your exam experience around your flight plans.  In previous years we have been able to do this seamlessly and people have had urologists come from all over including Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Just email us as you are making your plans and we will work with you.


Who makes up your faculty?

Our faculty is a mix of private practice and academic urologists from all across the country.  Some faculty members have completed fellowships whereas others practice general urology.  Each and every faculty member understands how the oral board format changed over recent years and can therefore replicate the actual current board experience.  We feel that this is a subtle yet important facet to your board preparation.


Do I have to disclose if I failed the boards before?

No, you do not have to disclose anything you don’t want to.


Why do you encourage audio recording of the session?

By showing you what your examiner hears, we believe this is an invaluable experience in terms of modifying and improving how you “show” during your exam.  Being able to replay and listen to yourself in the third person will provide great insight and a unique educational opportunity.


Do I have to record my session?

No, but it is recommended.  It allows you to listen to yourself and integrate some of the concepts from the feedback.  Afterwards, you can also go through the mock oral exam again and replay the cases.


Why don’t you offer CME credits?

We have been certified to offer CME credits but have decided it is inefficient and superfluous to do so. You are required to have a certain number of CME credits every 2 years.  Passing the boards in and of itself grants you all the CME credits that you need for the time period, so earning more is unnecessary.  Other courses may offer CME credits, but we do not consider it applicable to your board preparation or useful after you pass the boards.


Do I have to know urology?

While helpful, no you don’t.  In fact, most candidates aren’t fully done with their urology review before taking our course.  The purpose of the course is not to test your urology knowledge, it is also not to teach you any urology.  The purpose is to show you how the boards will run by having you experience it first hand, rehearse the dialogue with a stranger/examiner, experience some test taking anxiety, get a flavor for what will be asked, and show you the actual physical location where you will be in a few weeks actually doing it.  We know you will have the knowledge part down by then. Many candidates start their topic review after Thanksgiving, and most are well underway after New Year’s.


Will you be teaching any urology?

No there are many review resources already out there for Part I and supplement texts related to Part II. By the time Part II is at hand, you have completed residency, passed Part I, and practiced urology for more than a year.  The point of our course is to prepare you for the part of the oral exam that you cannot do alone.


Will you have additional cases available?

Yes, after the course, we will provide additional cases to review and study from.

Which course should I take?  

There currently are two courses: ours and a course the AUA developed in the years following our original success. As far as we know, the “Arizona” course previously sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh is no longer offered.  Candidates should be clear that the American Board of Urology (ABU) does not sponsor any course. Furthermore, the ABU does not endorse any preparation course, which includes the course offered by the AUA.

We believe one of the fundamental differences between the courses is our concierge-style approach to your board preparation as described at other locations in this website.  We stand behind our personalized commitment to help you pass. If you would like to schedule a phone conversation, we’d be happy to sort out some of the details with you.  The bottom line is, review your options and select what is right for you.

Want to talk to someone who took our course last year? Want to talk to someone who took the AUA course previously? Email Dennis and Bill at info@UrologyOralBoardPrep.com, and we will connect you.