Format of the Cases

The format mimics the real-life boards.  Each course participant will have 2 one on one mock oral sessions with one session occurring Friday and the other occurring Saturday.  Each session will consist of four cases that you will go through.  (Note the real boards only has three cases per session.  For the purposes of practice, more cases will be covered.)  Each session will cover 3 cases in a standard hour, identical to the boards.  After each session, there will be about a half hour of question and answer time for invaluable review, feedback, and coaching including a 4th case to immediately practice the feedback you’ve been given.


Plan on arriving in Dallas on Friday before noon.  This will allow time to get settled and participate in a non-mandatory briefing by the course directors.


People should ideally plan their return flights for Saturday after 3 pm.  Once you are finished with your Saturday session, you are free to go. We cannot guarantee examination times to accommodate travel plans so we ask that people book their flights thoughtfully.

Difficulty Scheduling?

For those of you with definite travel constraints and can only get a later Friday arrival or earlier Saturday departure, accommodations can be made to reserve a later Friday or earlier Saturday session. This is subject to availability and on a first come, first service basis. We do anticipate flexibility however, and we will make our best efforts to accommodate candidates and their schedules.  Please email us to inquire about any special scheduling requests.


Responding to your feedback and requests for more preparation material, we again offer “flashcards”. Click here to read more about this crucial adjunct to your studying.